How To Stake To Pools?


Staking with TomoWallet App

1) You need TomoWallet app in your iOS or Android device.
2) Open the app and scroll down to Utilites section.
3) Click TomoPool.
4) Select your pool from list.
5) Hit the Stake button.
6) Enter the amount of Tomo you want to stake (minimum 10) and hit the stake button.
7) Slide the confirm button.
8) Done!

Staking with Desktop Browser

1) Choose your pool from list:
2) Connect your wallet via Metamask, change the network as TomoChain and refresh the browser.
3) Hit the Stake button.
4) Enter the amount of Tomo you want to stake (minimum 10) and hit the stake button.
5) Slide the confirm button.
6) Done!

Extra İnformations:

  • Don’t use TomoMaster to stake your TOMO to pools. If you use TomoMaster, you won’t get high ROI.
  • If you want to use Ledger or web browser to stake your TOMO, you need to connect with MetaMask.
  • When you stake your TOMO, it will be locked in smart contract; so your TOMO will be safe.


1) Go to your pool.
2) Click Unstake button.
3) Enter the amount of Tomo you want to unstake and hit the Unstaking button.
4) Slide the confirm button.
5) Done!
6) After 96 epochs (aprx 48 hours), you gonna withdraw your unstaked Tomo. To withdraw your unstaked Tomo; go to your pool, click avatar from right top > profile > withdraw and confirm the transaction.


You can withdraw your rewards anytime you want from staking page. To do it: Open TomoWallet > TomoPool > “Your Pool” >  click the Withdraw button under the”My Rewards” section and confirm the transaction. But you don’t need to do it manually. We send your rewards to your wallet everyday at 08:00-08:10 GMT. If you don’t recieve your rewards automatically please contact us via e-mail or telegram.